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Robotic Surgery


It is a new advancement in surgical techniques. It uses small keyhole incisions to insert instruments through. It has replaced some complicated open procedure.

Preoperative Instructions

The day prior to your surgery you must follow a clear liquid diet and avoid all solid foods.
After midnight the night prior to your surgery, you are not allowed to have anything to eat or drink. In addition, you are not allowed to have breakfast or drink anything the morning of surgery.
If your surgery is booked at 3:00 or 4:00 pm you can eat until noon time the day before your surgery and then begin your clear liquids for the rest of the day.


It is similar to laparoscopic surgery but in addition the resolution is much higher using an advanced 3D camera. The range of movements of robotic arms are very similar to the human hand range of movements which gives the operating surgeon a much higher level of dexterity and achievement.

Postoperative Instructions

Patients will be generally discharged from the hospital approximately 24 hours after surgery in simple operations.
Walking is very important after surgery. You are allowed to climb steps and walk as much as you can tolerate. You will be given more instructions by the hospital and your doctor.


Robotic surgery involves risk, some of which may be similar to those of conventional open surgery, such as a small risk of infection and other complications.